About Last Stop Rescue

What's behind the name: We are the last stop rescue, because we intend to be the last our dogs need. Very often in rescue dogs can be sent back to where they came from to be put down for reasons the dog isn't even responsible for. We will stand by our dogs for life so they don't have to bounce around due to behavior or medical conditions, nor live in a facility vs a home. When you adopt a dog from us, the process we use will help make sure that the dog is a good fit, you will have to meet the dog more than once, go through training to transfer the dog over to you and you will have access to a training club for two months post adoption. Why do we go this far? Because we feel it's the best way to successfully place dogs for all parties involved and this allows us to really care about each dog and it's specific needs.

While many of our dogs start out as behavior problem dogs, they are often struggling due to lacking the right enviornment or not having adequate stimulation. We work with the dogs to fully understand their needs so the adoption process is as transparent as possible.

Last Stop Rescue is a new take on dog rescue launched in February 2023. This rescue founded to help the dogs who need extra time and attention for adjusting and being successful in adoption primarily. These dogs are often great family dogs who at this moment in their life they're so traumatized from being moved and a lack of consistency. We strive to give them a safe place to decompress and find their footing.

We are strictly foster based rescue. So all of our pets are in real homes. This is so beneficial to the dogs, because it allows them to learn how to live in the home environment. They learn the acceptable household behaviors and learn to coexist with us. We are based around the Addison IL area, but have fosters in variety of towns around that area.

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