While we're a rescue, we're also here to help any dogs in need. There are a number of ways we achieve this:

  • Adoptions with training included.
  • Training club open to everyone.
  • Consulting with other shelters on dogs that might need more help with a particular rescue dog.
  • Consulting for dog owners struggling with their own dogs.

Whether you're looking for a new family member or struggling with a current one, an owner or a shelter. We will do free consultation calls as time allows and work with anyone to get to a solution to help a dog. If your local, you're always welcome to join the training club. We are based around the Addison IL area.

Everyone and every temperament is welcome to inquire and join the training club. The clubs events will vary in location and activity so there will always be events for members to join and what would benefit the dogs currently enrolled.

How can we help?