Volunteer Information

We're always happy to talk to new volunteers and to see the organization grow! Please let us know how you would like to help, we're a foster based organization so we're always looking for more support to give these dogs the best chance possible.

We are striving to make volunteering possible regardless of how much time you have to commit. Our organization is setup so that if you have an hour a week you can easily stay up to date and jump in to donate your time, effort or home when it suites you.

You can select as many topics as you would be interested in helping with, when we reach out to go over your application we'll discuss what your interested in and at what capacity. There will be an intro to the group for all new members to get them started and go over how we function.

We are a foster based group, however you don't have to be near by to volunteer with us! We need help with fund raising, social media, content writing, all sorts of things that don't require a physical presence. At the same time, if you don't want to foster you can absolutely help give our foster dogs more experiences by taking them out or working with them at events.

We have one goal, to help dogs. If you would like to help with that goal feel free to let us know how!

Below you will find descriptions of the roles you can elect having an interest in.

Administration - Might be record keeping or managing processes.
Foster - A volunteer who houses a dog long term, a week to potentially a few months.
Backup Foster - A volunteer who houses a dog short term, for a few days to a week or so.
Foster/Dog Manager - A volunteer who takes care of some of the concerns for a set of dogs, may include managing their medical and transport, app reviews or meets. May act as a mentor to new fosters.
Marketing and Social Media - A team of volunteers who work together to manage posting and content schedules across the rather few social media accounts we will have.
Fundraising - A team of volunteers who plan and execute events to raise funds.
Helping at events - A team of volunteers who are interested and able in helping at events but don't care to help plan anything.
Logistics - A team of volunteers who consider our processes and how to make them easier and how to account for for each step of our process. They could also help figure out anything else that needs logistics. Maybe you don't agree with this description and want to join just to contest this snippet.
Medical - A team of volunteers who have an eye on medical concerns, the process, approving expenses, connecting with vets, managing medical inventory, etc.
Team Building - A team of volunteers who consider how we engage with the community and each other internally while helping promote our our core values.
Training Club - A team of volunteers who are interested in being actively involved in the training club and it's activities.

The last few are the types of dogs you would like to work with. This will help us understand what type of dogs we can help the most. The types are:

  • Easy dogs - These would be the ones that take some effort but have a consistent history to consider.
  • Medical - These would be dogs that maybe have a medical condition they need help with long or short term.
  • Hospice - These would be dogs that are at an advanced age or have an illness and just need care until they pass.
  • Problem dogs - These would be the dogs we're more interested in, the dogs stuck at kennels for years, in difficult situations or otherwise struggling to find a home for behavior problems.
  • Puppies - These would be the dogs for the masochists.

If you have anything else you might like to do that isn't listed, please feel free to use the 'other' field.

We look forward to working with you!

Enabling volunteers to do more.