Busy Rescuing Time

Busy Rescuing Time
Photo by Anusha Barwa / Unsplash

It's summer and adoptions seem to be low all across the board. We are getting calls left and right about new dogs needing help.

It's our mission to help all that we possibly can. In order to do so we need more foster homes and volunteers.

Fostering means giving a dog/cat a home and place to stay while finding their forever family. All supplies and medical is covered by us. We host weekly training classes, that adoptable dogs can attend to improve their skills. Weekly outings and events to get the public seeing our pups. Fostering is truly the most rewarding job out there. In return you get to bond with a dog/cat in need.  

With our numbers increasing we are in needed of the basics for our rescue pets. Like food, treats, probiotics to help those upset tummies, pill pockets for all the meds (especially for those heartworm positive dogs). Here is the link to our amazon wish list for our furry friends. We are open to other items not listed on here as well, but trying to keep food brands limited.

Check out my list on Amazon