Human Canine Connection Store

Human Canine Connection Store
Photo by Ethan Walsweer / Unsplash

Welcome to the Human Canine Connection Store!

Our products are curated by our procurement team consisting of professional level owners, trainers, rescuers, dogs and cats that constantly try and test new products for a variety of reasons.

Enrichment toys are a pet owners best friend to keep your pets occupied and entertained to help them manage their weight, reduce stress, cope with separation anxiety and just have fun training with your pet!

We only sell items in our store currently, if you're local and would like them delivered to you we can work that out.

Visit us at the Bloomingdale Painted Tree, booth E15, we're straight back by the water fountain when you walk in!

Now we also have locations at the other Painted Trees as well. Naperville D31 & Kildeer H12.

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