March Updates and Announcements

Hello everyone!

We have some big news!

First rather exciting news is the Human Canine Connection Pet Store is having a grand opening this Saturday from 2pm to 6pm! They will be donating part of their proceeds to the shelter and our efforts!

They will be stocking everything our rescue dogs need and the items to help them be the most successful in their new home. Please drop by and check it out! You can find out more on their Facebook page!

Dogs are welcome in the store but please be respectful of the public space and be prepared to clean up!

Even bigger news....

Meet our first dog!!

Her name is Mocha, she could no longer stay in her home due to the two dogs having conflicts and needed a place to go. So far she's been doing good, rough around the edges in some ways but a sweet dog that will do very well after some training!

If you're interested in working with, supporting or know someone interested in adopting her please let us know by using the contact form!

She will be at the store opening for at least a little bit on Saturday if she can handle it!