Out of state pull request

Adoption application: https://laststoprescue.com/adoption-app/
MUST DO: Virtual home check, phone call interview, transportation validations, ALL CONTRACTS AND PAYMENTS must be made before delivering the dog.

Volunteer application: https://laststoprescue.com/volunteer/
Out of state fosters please fill out a volunteer form, must be part of current networks and have a known sponsor in the groups.

If someone wants to adopt a dog from the shelter in the south we have NO CERTAINTIES on if or when we can get dogs out that they might pick.  This depends on local fosters to hold the dogs, a transport with space available to pick up dogs from, foster space back by LSR and/or the adopters will need to be able to take the dog in and COMMIT completely to this dog.  It is extremely difficult to have adopters back out and drop the dog with nowhere to go.

You can download the PDF or use our Form below to make a request!

To make a donation for out of state dogs that had pledges please use this link: