Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunities!
Photo by Roberto Nickson / Unsplash

Volunteers needed!!

Our partner company hosts weekly training classes and pack walks. We have 3 dogs in foster care that would absolutely love to go along on these trips, but their fosters need help! Of course they are all in multiple dog homes, and they want to try and give all the dogs a turn.

If interested in volunteering to handle a dog during training or pack walks, message us or fill out a volunteer application. We would love to have you join our rescue journey!

If you can't make these events, we also have volunteer opportunities where you take out our foster dogs anytime you want to. This helps the dogs confidence grow so much by being able to hang out with new people and experience new things! It can even be spending the afternoon hanging out at your own home. Perfect opportunity for those that can't fully commit to fostering. 🐾🤗

The dogs can't wait to meet you and hang out!